Club Range Safety Officer Course - NSCA

May 25, 2020 - 8:30am

All times local.

This 1-day course is designed to train you or your staff to serve as a safety officer, ambassador and referee in our sport and enhance your value to your camp or club.  The certification has equipped summer camp staff to be prepared to teach the proper handling of a shotgun and to facilitate a shotgun range in a safe manner.  Whether you already have experience working at a shotgunning facility or whether you are new to the sport, we hope this course will provide you with a firm foundation for helping your camp or club’s management team provide a safe and fun environment for shooters in which they can enjoy clay target sports.

This course will be taught on an outdoor range. Shotguns (20g), shells (20g), eye protection and ear protection are all provided. You can provide your own gun and shells if you prefer.  Lunch is also included with the training fee. Details below. There are limited spaces available, so please reserve your spots quickly.


Camp Ridgecrest for Boys
290 Yates Ave

Registration Fees

Total Cost per Participant is $245. This includes the Course Fee of $175, the required NSCA Annual Membership fee of $30, Consulting fee of $28 for the Certified Instructor, the Lunch fee of $4, and your Shells and Clays fee of $6. We have worked very hard to keep all costs to a minimum. This price can be adjusted if you bring your lunch and your shells. Thanks for your interest!

Contact Information

Phil Berry