Tree Climbing on Rope

April 23, 2018 - 9:00am to April 28, 2018 - 6:00pm

All times local.

Training for Tree Climbing on Rope will be held at Camp Fontanelle on April 23-28th at a cost of $1200/person which includes both BASIC and Facilitator training so that a person can safely facilitate climbers on their own.  All equipment for the training will be provided and lodging/some food will be provided.  I am looking for commitments for the training as I have a limit of 3 spots for the training (led by Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet) and am looking for a $200 deposit to secure Tim for the training.  If anyone has questions, call Trent Meyer at 402-459-0686.

Visit for more details about recreational tree climbing on rope.  Camp Fontanelle has been climbing a burr oak tree since 2005.  Campers ascend ropes as high as 50 feet into the tree where they get a bird's eye view and can 'explore' the tree from the safety of their rope.  Groups as large as 83 kids have been accomodated with up to 14 climbers at one time climbing.  Tree climbing on rope is a great group activity that can be facilitated safely by 1 or 2 people.  Camp Fontanelle also has treeboats which can be installed in trees for sleeping in the tree tops or on ground level.  Initial investment in training and gear is returned in a fun and challenging activity where larger numbers of participants can safely be led by one or two facilitators.  Tree climbing on rope is a high adventure/low risk activity with proper training.  If you have access to mature trees, consider recreational tree climbing on rope!


Camp Fontanelle
9677 County Road 3

Registration Fees

$1200/$200 deposit required

Contact Information

Trent Meyer