Wilderness First Aid (WFA) & CPR

June 16, 2019 (All day) to June 17, 2019 (All day)

All times local.


Sponsored by Camp Nor’wester and NOLS Wilderness Medicine

DATES:          June 16-17, 2019

COST:             $250

LOCATION:    Johns Island, WA



Whether spending time in the backcountry is your passion or your profession, you should never have to ask, "What do I do now?" Prepare for the unexpected with this fun, hands-on introduction to wilderness medicine. 

If you like to take short trips relatively close to medical resources, work at camps or lead wilderness trips, enjoy weekend family outdoor activities, or recreate outdoors, this course is for you.

You'll learn the Patient Assessment System, how to provide effective first aid treatments for injuries and illnesses common in the outdoors, how to manage environmental emergencies, and how to make appropriate evacuation decisions. You will spend half your time practicing skills and participating in realistic scenarios.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine's course is approved by such organizations as the American Camp Association, the United States Coast Guard, and other state as well as federal agencies.

Upon successful course completion you will earn the following NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications: Wilderness First Aid, Epinephrine Auto-injector, and on courses with the CPR module, Adult and Child CPR & Airway Management.


Check in is 7:45 a.m. on the first day. Course days run from approx. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The class format is classroom lectures integrated with practical scenarios, case studies, and skills practice sessions. Attendance is required at all classes.

Scenarios and practice sessions will take place both inside and outside. Bring outdoor clothing appropriate for lying on the potentially wet, snowy, or cold ground playing the role of both rescuer and patient.

Frequently stage (moulage) blood and make-up are used to enhance the realism of a scenario. The classroom environment generally lends itself to a pair of comfy shoes and a camp chair.


Notebook and pencil or pen Watch with second hand or digital second Sunglasses and hat Water bottle Light day pack Waterproof outerwear top and bottom Light hiking boots or sturdy shoes Clothing layers that allow you to be comfortable in a variety of weather conditions Slippers or comfortable shoes for classroom time (optional) Camp chair for classroom time (optional)


For the full course outline, visit: https://nols.edu/en/coursefinder/courses/wilderness-first-aid-WFA/.


NOLS Wilderness Medicine certification holders may take a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course to recertify a WAFA, WFR or WEMT certification. Certification holders from other wilderness medicine training organizations cannot recertify through a Wilderness First Aid course.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications will be afforded a one-year period after expiration within which to recertify. You should bring your certification card to the course so the instructor can verify the expiration date. For more information please visit our recertification policy at the following link: https://nols.edu/en/courses/wilderness-medicine/recertify/ The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is an introductory course for individuals with no prior knowledge and generally does not include CPR. The preferred way to recertify your certification is to enroll in a Wilderness First Responder Recertification course (WFR-R), or through our Hybrid WFR Recertification course, which adds an online component in addition to traditional scenarios and skills. These courses are specifically designed for students needing recertification. You can find more information at the links below.

WFR-R: www.nols.edu/en/courses/courses/wilderness-first-responder-recertification-WFRR/

Hybrid WFR-R: www.nols.edu/en/courses/courses/hybrid-wilderness-first-responder-recertification-HWRR/

You will be required to pass both a written and a practical test. Check the following web page for information and resources on how to best prepare for your course. https://nols.edu/en/resources/wilderness-medicine-resources/




Please contact jill@norwester.org with questions about registration. All 2019 Nor’wester Staff requiring participation in this course will be automatically enrolled.



Please download this agreement and read it very carefully as it affects your legal rights: https://www.nols.edu/en/filer/public/1481683959/906/


Bring the two-page signed document to the first day of the course. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the document. Without a signed document, you cannot participate in the course.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine participants, including minors, will have unsupervised free time throughout the course. Any activities during the free time are not part of the NOLS Wilderness Medicine program and are at the sole risk of the participant. 



If you cancel or withdraw from a course:

Greater than or equal to 30 days prior to the course start date, Nor’wester will retain a $30 administrative fee. The remainder of tuition collected to date will be refunded.  Within 30 days of the course start date and once the course begins, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Pets are not allowed at the course site. This includes leashing them outside. Any student bringing a pet to class will be asked to leave until the pet is safely situated in a kennel or other facility. No exceptions.

Service Animals

Please contact the Wilderness Medicine office at 1-866-831-9001 if you intend to bring a service animal to the course.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco & Weapons

No alcohol, no drugs, no tobacco, and no weapons are allowed on Camp Nor’wester property.



Pre-Course Access to College Credit

The WFA course is pre-approved for 0.5 semester hour credits through Western State Colorado University (WSCU) for an additional cost of $60. Thirty days prior to the NOLS Wilderness Medicine course, interested students must initiate registration and payment for credit by requesting an enrollment form for WSCU from NOLS Wilderness Medicine.

On-Course Access to College Credit

The WFA course is pre-approved for one semester hour credit through the University of Utah for an additional cost of $95. If you are interested in receiving college credit, please ask your instructors on the first day of class for the necessary information.


Meals and Lodging

Housing will be provided by Camp Nor’wester. Accommodations will be in the main Lodge, and foam mattresses will be provided. Bring your own sleeping bag/linens, and be prepared to share a large space with others. Participants are to respect quiet hours and all property rules outlined by Asst. Director Jill Steigerwald upon arrival. ALCOHOL, MARIJUANNA AND ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SITE. PERSONAL PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SITE WITHOUT PRIOR EXPLICIT PERMISSION OF THE CAMP DIRECTORS. Violations of these expectations will result in dismissal from the class without refund, and may result in future employment consequences for those hired by Camp Nor’wester and Four Winds, and possibly other employers.


All meals will be provided by Camp Nor’wester. There is minimal food storage available in the Lodge.



Participants are responsible for getting to Roche Harbor, WA no later than Saturday afternoon/evening, June 15, 2019, for transport to camp, if not already on camp property. Please contact jill@norwester.org with questions.



Please contact Jill Steigerwald with any questions or concerns you may have.

Phone:  360-472-1381                                      

Email:  jill@norwester.org                                                         

Website: www.norwester.org   


Camp Nor'wester, Johns Island, WA
Johns Island, WA
Johns Island

Registration Fees

$250/person, includes meals & lodging at Camp Nor'wester. Please bring your own sleeping bag/pillow/linens.

Contact Information

Jill Steigerwald