Find Summer Staff

Two ways to find summer and seasonal staff

1. Post a summer or seasonal job

Job seekers will find your camp's ad in three ways:

  • By visiting ACA's Summer Jobs at Camp site. More than 1,400 job ads were viewed 450,000 times in 2017.
  • By being alerted by e-mail that a new ad has been posted. More than 375,000 job agent e-mails were sent to job seekers in 2017.
  • Your ad will also automatically show on Google for Jobs greatly expanding the reach to new job seekers. New in 2017!

2. Search resumes of job seekers

  • 700 resumes from job seekers were added in 2017.

ACA promotes the service to job seekers by buying ads on and We also publicize the service on social media, in ACA's newsletter, and on ACA's website.


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