Standards Review

This is a site where you will have the opportunity to review and comment on the recently reviewed/revised/reformatted standards. The revised/reformatted standards will go into effect for the 2012 visit year.

The Online Review/Comment Process

  • Each week a section of standards will be posted below for public review/comment.
  • If you wish to make a comment, please make sure to cite the specific standard number on which you are making your comment.
  • See below for dates when standards will be posted for comments.

A Brief Overview

  • The Accreditation/Education Task Force determined the standards should focus on health, safety, and risk management.
  • The National Standards Commission (NSC) and additional volunteers reviewed all standards to help identify redundant standards, as well as determine what standard did not meet the above stated criteria.
  • ACA has been consulting with the Council on Accreditation (COA) since early 2010 to help develop processes that allow ACA to align our practices within accreditation industry standards.
  • The current standards have been reviewed, and at times, re-written and reformatted for improved clarity.
  • Subject matter experts have been and will continue to be consulted.
  • Legal counsel has been and will continue to be consulted.
  • Additional environmental scans and research have been conducted.

Revisions to ALL Sections Include

  • We have changed the term "interpretation" to "contextual education" as that is what we are really providing: Additional education specific to the standard.
  • In the "compliance demonstration," it more clearly specifies what the visitor should see/review.
  • The standards focus on the PRACTICE vs. the policy/procedure. The written policy/procedure will be seen as part of the compliance demonstration.

What Now?

  • All sections of the standards will be posted for review and comment by internal and external audiences for no less than 30 days.
  • Comments will be read and evaluated for their content, concern, and merit.
  • Additional revisions to standards will be made as the evidence informs.
  • When complete, the NSC will recommend the National Board approve the standards in their entirety.
  • Feel free to send comments directly to

Standards Post Dates

  • Program (PD,PC, PH) — March 15 (Comment period closes April 19)
  • Transportation — March 22 (Comment period closes April 26)
  • Site/Food Service — March 29 (Comment period closes May 3)
  • Operational Management — April 5 (Comment period closes May 10)
  • Human Resources — April 12 (Comment period closes May 17)
  • Health/Wellness — April 19 (Comment period closes May 23)
  • Aquatics— April 26 (Comment period closes May 30)
  • Program Trip — April 26 (Comment period closes May 30)

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