My Accreditation


The following features are available for use through the “My Accreditation” site:

  • Ability to customize a set of standards based on the programming and modes of the user’s camp
  • Ability to filter the standards by pre-determined areas (example: Filter to see only mandatory standards, etc.)
  • Ability to upload camp documents to the site
  • Ability to generate custom reports showing only standards applicable to the user’s camp
  • Ability to generate custom checklists

Before You Start

Before you begin the process, you MUST watch the tutorials (click on the title of the tutorial you wish to watch from the list below) You will need speakers or headphones.

Watch the tutorials!
Part 1: Getting Started and the Intake Questionnaire (7:38)
Part 2: Customizing Using Filters and the Perceived Compliance Features (9:41)
Part 3: Customizing by Uploading Documents and Adding Comments (6:52)
Part 4: Custom Reports (6:35)

Standards Updates: The content of the standards accessed through this site and the customizations tool includes updates/corrections made since the original printing of the Accreditation Process Guide, 2012 Edition.  All corrections, to date, of the APG are reflected in the custom reports generated from this site. View a complete list of ALL corrections - click on the most recent corrections/clarifications document listed.

Login: To log into My Accreditation, be sure your camp fees are current and you have your individual ACA ID number and password.

Important Tips

Step 1: Complete the Intake Questionnaire. We advise to take and save your intake questionnaire answers once.  Changes made after you save your initial answers will reset all customizations you may have made to the standards.

Step 2: Use My Customizations to customize the standards by indicating your perceived compliance and adding written documentation and comments. Continue to customize according to specific applicability (standard-by-standard) as determined by you.  We suggest methodically complete one section of the standards at a time. Use the File Repository area for standard specific written documentation for each standard.

Note: Use the File Uploads area to upload any documents you use over and over to demonstrate compliance with standards requiring written documentation e.g. your staff manual, your parent handbook, your standing orders.  Learn more about uploading files. If you use this option, be sure your master documents are as visit friendly as possible.

Step 3: Use My Reports to generate a final set of custom standards for your use as you prepare for your visit. You can also generate other custom checklist for your use.

Step 4:  Save often, and sign out when you are done with your session. 

Ready? Start here!


Problem solved!

Problem was a result of using Internet Explorer 10. Reverted to IE9, and everything is working great!

Big thanks to Missy Cassler for her quick response and help in sorting out the problem.

Problems with MyAccreditation database

I'm working on camp documentation. However, I constantly receive an error message when trying to upload documents, or even move from page 1 to another page in My Customizations, or even in the Intake Questionnaire.

Is anyone else having these problems?

Is this program compatible with Internet Explorer 10?

Note: I previously worked in this database with no problems.