ACA, St.Louis Keynote Speaker

Emily Golinsky

Emily’s sessions get called many things, and her favorites are: “tremendously helpful,” “definitely not the same-old-same-old,” “fun and informative” and “not to be missed – a reason to come to the conference!” Emily provides training and strategic support to camps, enabling success for staff and participants, and helping manage behaviors from "challenging" to "crisis." She sits on the Board of Directors for New Hampshire Camps, and volunteers with ACA New England as a visitor, member of the Conference & Fund Development committees, and New Camp Directors’ Workshop faculty. Emily has a BS in Health Psychology and MS in Camp Administration/Leadership. She has spent 14 years as Executive Director at Camp Starfish and is an avid collector of terribly awesome puns.


Keynote - "Successful Camp Experiences for All"

Today more than ever, as youth and young adults feel increasingly marginalized and “othered,” success at camp is essential to their wellbeing. And yet, can we truly expect every camp to serve every individual? Consider that, by doing so, we are potentially putting up unintentional barriers that take us further from our goal of successfully “serving all.” In a world where “inclusion” is often a buzzword with no clear plan for successful implementation, and where it is unfortunately frequently paired with complex PR and legal ramifications, how do we determine and appropriately communicate our vision of a welcoming camp community that actually delivers on its promise? Join Emily for an engaging, thought-provoking, and solution-focused talk that will leave you energized at the idea of thinking through your camp’s plans and possibilities as part of a bigger headline story: Successful Camp Experiences for All.  

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