Where Can We Find the Money?

I really want a new (insert here: archery range, campership fund, pirate ship for the waterfront). My (insert here: camper fees, organization's budget, personal bank account) does not support this. Where do I get the money?

It's all about relationships. Thankfully, that is something camps are good at!

Alumni Matter!

Follow a simple formula to reach out to your camp alumni and make them feel like their contributions matter. By helping this pool of your biggest fans understand that they will always be remembered and always welcomed, you will both benefit in countless ways. Tom and Travis’ camp alumni programs have raised millions of dollars, have created a boon of eager volunteers, and have helped camps powerfully expand their marketing impact.

Through this webinar, participants will:

20/20 Toolbox: Mixing the Nonprofit with the For Profit

Soon after we assumed the ownership of Camp Mont Shenandoah in 1996, my husband, Jay, and I were interested in establishing a scholarship program for our campers. We were clueless, however, as to how to go about it; especially since we wanted to fundraise to create an endowment in perpetuity. This, we knew, could pose potential problems as owners of a for-profit business.

20/20 Toolbox: Scholarship, Fundraising, and Outreach Strategies for All Camps

As camp operators, we are keenly aware that when kids go to camp, they make positive gains in self-reliance, independence, communication, and self-esteem. Unplugged from the constant electronic buzz, children find themselves at camp — making genuine connections with other children, rediscovering the fun in physical fitness, learning their own strengths, and finding their own voices.

20/20 Toolbox: The American Camp Association as Your Camp’s Nonprofit Partner

For many camps, the benefits of partnering with an existing nonprofit for the purpose of scholarship fundraising far outweigh the extensive challenges of starting their own nonprofit. If your camp is ACA-accredited, you don’t have to look any further than the ACA to fill this role!

A Place to Share: Your Label to Embrace: Giver

In life we are accustomed to being categorized by type. Some categories are obvious: men and women, children and adults. Other categories are not as obvious but just as defining: Republicans and Democrats, Yankee fans and Yankee haters. Still others are even less obvious and more philosophical: those who view their glass of life as “half full” and those who view their glass as “half empty.” At camp, I find that we regularly break our staff into our own defining categories: those that attended camp and those that didn’t. (Full disclosure — I fall in the latter category.)