Five Low-Cost Tech Tools That Further Your Mission

Camp operates as a business, when we all know it is more. In order to focus on what matters at camp, it is crucial that camp operations run without friction. That means adopting the best business practices possible, which will allow you to focus on serving campers and staff in a way that promotes your camp's mission.

Electronic Medical Records in the Camp Setting: HIPAA Considerations

One of the pervasive considerations with electronic medical records (EMR) is protecting the privacy of the individual. People seem to get very nervous about security issues with electronic records, and when you hear about data breaches in the news, some of that fear is not totally unrealistic. However, electronic medical records offer the opportunity for security, auditing, and tracking disclosures that is often not possible with paper records.

Welcome to the Digital Cabin: How New Technologies Can Deliver a Better Summer Experience

Technology and camping? Hearing those two words together often sparks ire among camp management. “We don’t allow our kids to use techie toys!” you declare. Of course, unless you run a computer camp, that philosophy holds true. iPhones and tweets (except those of birds) have no place in kids’ lives near the woods, lake, or farm.

But camp owners and staff are discovering that practical technologies and tools can help them fill bunks and buses faster with quality campers, communicate better with staff and parents, and save thousands of dollars and hours each year.