2017 Spring CampLine

The 2017 Spring issue of The CampLine features an article on communicating when your staff and campers go off-site, a security checklist, an article on hiring contractors, and more.

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2017 Winter CampLine

The 2017 Winter issue of The CampLine features information on all-adult camps, resources on bed bugs, how to handle allergies at camp, and more.

Fall 2016 CampLine

The 2016 Fall CampLine features the annual Camp Crisis Hotline review, information on FLSA and overtime rules for camps, and an article on tripping and travel camps.

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2016 Spring CampLine

2016 Spring CampLineThe 2016 Spring CampLine provides an update on concussion laws and how they apply to camps, a review of this year's legal issues, an update on international travel from the ACA National Standards Commission, and information on community health centers. 

2016 Winter CampLine

2016 Winter CampLine coverThe 2016 Winter CampLine revisits the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), contains information on starting and utilizing an effective risk management committee, and provides on update on several camp-related public policy issues. 

Fall 2015 CampLine

The 2015 Fall CampLine features the annual Camp Crisis Hotline review, information regarding individuals who identify as non-gender conforming,  and an article on the use of camp facilities and equipment by off-duty staff.

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2010 Spring CampLine

The spring 2010 issue features articles about background checks, behavior management liabilities, severe weather insurance concerns, and medication at camp.

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2010 Winter CampLine

Read the latest issue of The CampLine and learn sources and strategies for camp risk management, the do's and don'ts for health history forms, and requirements for the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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  • Camp Risk Management: Sources and Strategies
  • The Seasonal Exemption From the Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Healthy Camp Update
  • Health Histories: What Are Camps (Not) Asking?
  • International Staff and J1Visas — Update

2011 Winter CampLine

The Winter 2011 issue features articles on concussions and head injury prevention, preparing for the 2011 summer season, contracting with user groups, and more.

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By Charles R. Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp