Michael Stern is the founder and program developer of the Camp Caribou Experience, a full-immersion program for prospective campers. He has served as a camp counselor and administrator, having worked at Camp Caribou and various day camps in the Boston area. Most recently, Michael has worked with several camps as a staff trainer. His workshops focus primarily on helping firstyear campers and staff members acclimate to a new setting.

Rookie Day Another Way

The first time I drove down that magical, one-mile stretch of dirt road to Camp Caribou was in the summer of 1984. I was ten years old and visiting potential overnight camps with my parents. After passing endless rows of saplings (now towering pines), shots rang out from the riflery range, and the throaty call of bullfrogs echoed. Though I could not identify it yet, there just seemed to be something distinctly special about this place. Meeting the inimitable Bill Lerman, co-owner and director of the camp, confirmed my suspicion.