Giving of Your Time

Investing my personal time as an American Camp Association volunteer has always been fun and rewarding for me throughout my career as a camp professional. I remember well the day — over 25 years ago — when I first raised my hand to help on a local ACA committee. It was towards the end of the regional conference that I was attending as a relative ACA newcomer. A handful of western North Carolina camp professionals had gathered for a "district" meeting and we had recently learned that we were slated to host the next year's conference.

Camp Builds Powerful Advocacy

Last month, twelve camp directors gathered with staff from the YMCA, American Camp Association (ACA), and the Foundation for Jewish Camp in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the Child Protection Improvements Act (CPIA) of 2017, international cultural exchange through camp experiences, equitable access to forest lands, preservation of tax deductibility of charitable gifts, and expansion of the child care tax credit to residential camp tuition.

On Becoming a Mentor

Back in the early ’70s, my favorite counselor’s name was Billy, but everyone called him “Banjo Billy” because he was an accomplished singer/songwriter. He was caring, funny, adventurous, fair, and inspiring. For my 10- and 11-year-old cabinmates and me, he could do little wrong — he was a paragon of a nonparent, adult mentor. Billy taught us how to get along, love one another, and be respectful of everyone in our camp community in spite of our differences. Today he is Bill, a former rabbi and a distinguished attorney who attended Yale and then Harvard Law School.

ACA Connect Updates – Join the Conversation!

Last month, the American Camp Association began a staggered rollout of our new cloud-based online community, ACA Connect.

Camp and Spiritual Development

What are your earliest transcendent memories as a child? For me, they were in the woods or on the trail at camp with my counselors and cabin group. Sitting around the campfire feeling the warmth of friendships and listening to the rhythm of the crickets and bull frogs. Gazing in awe on wondrous wilderness from a lofty mountain peak. These were deeply inspiring and spiritual moments for me as a child, and I have always believed that my leaders and role models at camp were instrumental in helping me discover and understand my own spirituality.

Happy Birthday, Boy Scouts of America!

On a cold and rainy Sunday this past month, my son, Daniel, and I joined our Webelos Den at the Trees Atlanta Treehouse to embark on an inspiring Arboretum hike along the Atlanta Beltline Eastern Trail.

3 Reasons to Choose a Job at Camp Instead of a Summer Internship

Spring semester is now in full swing; so, if you are a college student, you may already be thinking about what internship position you want to secure for the summer.

But instead of an internship, consider taking on a different kind of summer job – one at camp.

If you are unsure whether that is the right choice for you, here are three reasons you should take a summer job at camp.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

Have you heard the theme song "Try Everything" from Disney's animated film, Zootopia? Musical artist Shakira performs the song and voices a character named Gazelle, a pop star from the city of Zootopia who holds a peaceful protest and publicly asks for the harmonious Zootopia she loves and cherishes to be restored. The upbeat lyrics are inspiring and could easily serve as an anthem for exceptional camp experiences that transform millions of young lives every year.

"Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up, Nobody learns without getting it wrong."

Thank You for Helping to Change Children's Lives

As the holiday season approaches, we at the American Camp Association (ACA) realize we have many reasons to be grateful.

In the camp world, there are so many people who make an impact, and we are thankful for all of you.

3 Ways to Give on Giving Tuesday

During the holiday season, it is important for families, friends, and communities to come together to help others when and how they can. That is what Giving Tuesday — the Tuesday following Thanksgiving — is all about: Giving back to and strengthening your community.

At the American Camp Association (ACA), we strive to enrich the lives of children across the country. We believe the camp experience helps children to grow and develop self-esteem, courage, responsibility, and more.