Have Your Camp Participate as a Team - Camp Moves Me

With the start of Camp Moves Me 2016 fast approaching, we'd like to share a new feature for this year's campaign. In addition to participating as individual, you can now participate on a team!

Fitness App for Camp Moves Me

We will be using the app, Strava, again this year to help track your miles for Camp Moves Me. Please feel free to download the Strava app to your phone now.

Camp Moves Me: Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered, now what do I do?

Great, thanks for signing up! Now all you need to do is to get donors/sponsors to support your efforts so that you can raise money for this great cause. Contact your network of friends, family, and colleagues and get the word out about your effort. RallyUp provides a number of mechanisms to maximize getting the word out, or you can just send your friends to RallyUp's Donate Page.

Camp Moves Me 2017

The All New Camp Moves Me!

In its first three years, The American Camp Association’s Camp Moves Me has raised more than $185,000 to send kids to ACA-accredited camps. Plenty of people joined the movement that sent more than 850 kids to camp. Now, we are taking Camp Moves Me to the next level.