CATCH Online Training

CATCH KIDS CLUB This online course takes you through the entire CATCH Kids Club (CKC) program and provides information on how to get this after-school version of CATCH up and running in your community. Modules cover everything from how to use the materials, as well as video demonstrations on how to work with the kids in your program. The CATCH Kids Club online course also contains a module that covers how to identify special needs children and adapt physical activities specifically for them.

ACA, Southeastern 2016 Kitchen Convergence

This exciting and fun-filled event will offer networking and learning opportunities to cultivate new insight and improve the functions of your kitchen staff!  Gain cutting edge information on best practices and learn from peers about what has helped them be successful.  Make your menus more appealing and nutritious as you learn from Executive Chefs.  We will visit several camps and professional kitchens situated around beautiful Crystal Lake.  Tour state of the art kitchens, share your favorite recipes and make new friends.


Improving Quality of Life for Campers With Severe Food Allergy

When was the last time you gave a second thought to going out to dinner? Attending a gathering of friends? Sending your children to school? Participating in a leisure activity? These are daily events and interactions that shape each of us. We develop a sense of self, build communication skills, and foster an environment to engage with others through these events. A prevalent commonality within these events is the inclusion of food. Rarely do we participate in family or community activities where food is not associated.

Make a Commitment: Encouraging Wellness and Healthy Living at Camp

An alarming study purports that the current generation of children may have shorter life expectancies than their parents for the first time in over two centuries. The rapid rise in childhood obesity in America may shorten children’s lifespan by two to five years (Olshansky et al., 2005). Almost one-third of children between the ages of two and nineteen years are overweight and 17 percent of those are classified as obese. The number of obese children has DOUBLED since 1980! Some studies suggest that this rate has tripled or even quadrupled.

Kids and Healthy Lifestyles: How Camps Can Help

Child Obesity: A National Public Health Problem

As the child obesity epidemic rears its overweight head across the nation, affecting one in five children, camps can play a vital role in the rescue efforts by being a knowledgeable, safe support system. All sectors of camps can offer assistance to parents and children through nutritional support, educational programs, and leadership that promote good health and physical activity.

Simple Tips on How to Create a Healthy Food Culture at your Camp

Think beyond the menu! Your impact on campers' lifelong food choices can extend beyond your dining hall tables.. NOTE THAT ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE!
Through this webinar participants will learn:
  • Participants will be challenged to audit their entire camp operation to maximize this impact.
  • Participants will identify stakeholders and start "to do" lists to enlist support and generate ownership of new ideas.

Menu Planning to Meet the Nutrition Needs of Your Campers

This webinar will help you design menus to meet goals for good health for both campers and staff.  Learn basic principles of nutrition and how much of the different food groups and nutrients are needed each day.  Creating menus that offer good nutrition are camper approved and stay within your budget may seem like an impossible task.

By the end of the webinar participant will learn: