Team Work: An Open Letter to Camp Staff


This letter is addressed to all camp staff / team members whether this summer is your first or your 20th, whether you have primary responsibility for supervising campers, are an activity specialist, or work in the kitchen.

Crisis Management

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a crisis as "an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending; especially: one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome <a financial crisis>".

Risk Transfer: Managing Additional Insured Relationships

Camp directors may have questions about what it means to be an additional insured on a general liability insurance policy, when to ask a third party for additional insured status in favor of your camp, and when it is appropriate for other entities to have additional insured status on your camp's general liability policy.

Why Do Camp Staff Members Get Hurt?

Campers and staff have equal opportunity to be injured at camp because they spend their days, (and in resident camps, their nights) engaged in the same activities of camp life. Since they are exposed to the same risks, they experience similar patterns of injury. The exceptions of course are kitchen and maintenance staff members, who are engaged in other risky activities.

Maintaining Perspective — Is There Still a Place for Camper Accident and Sickness Insurance in Your Camp Risk Management Plan?

Healthcare costs are out of control in our society, driven largely by Americans' lifestyles, attitudes regarding exercise, and unhealthy eating habits. These costs are exacerbated by our litigation-minded society, which forces medical professionals to practice defensive medicine. Add the expense of advances in medical science and technology, and costs will continue to spiral out of control for the foreseeable future.

Risk Management: Camp Management Liability — Evolving Risk

Our uncertain economic times serve as a reminder that the business of camp is full of change. When society, environments, and circumstances change, camp directors and owners are challenged to identify how the changes impact the risk in their camp community.

Managing Change and Evolving Risk

Camper Medical Risks and Trends

Recent trends indicate camp directors are buying less camper accident and sickness medical insurance and relying more on a parent’s insurance to pay for the occasional camper injury or illness. As a result, camper families are paying more expenses out of their own pockets if they have the means, and more families are seeking reimbursement from the camp when they feel the camp contributed to the injury. Some families are hiring lawyers to help them obtain reimbursement.