How to Help Your Child Have a Great Time at Camp

A summer at camp is much more than a vacation for children. At camp, kids enjoy the outdoors and develop a greater appreciation for the environment. Campers experience the companionship of other children and acquire skills that improve self-confidence, increase self- reliance, enhance the ability to cooperate with others, and, hopefully, a greater awareness of life that is larger than one’s self.

Hopefully, the acquisition and refinement of such skills will contribute in positive and significant ways to the child’s adjustment and will carry over into his/her adult years.

The Last Dance

It's late in the evening. My feet are tired. Music is reverberating in my ears. We've been dancing and mixing all night. Tonight is an incredible celebration, truly a hallmark event. This may be the last time we will all be together like this. While bits of personal and collective nostalgia have been creeping into our conversations with one another throughout the night, now there seems to be a greater sense of urgency, a need to capture all these moments before the night is over. The DJ steps to the microphone.