Legislative Update: Minimum Wage — Probably Going Up!

Camp salaries are subject to many factors! You juggle your budget, the reality of what it takes to attract quality staff, the increased challenge in finding good staff, and the reality of federal and state guidelines affecting minimum wage.

Hotline Summary 2000

We are not all the same. That is news to no one. But there are common expectations in a civil society . . . expectations of considerate, polite treatment. Expectations that staff put the needs of children first. Expectations that staff and directors behave in ways consistent with their position and training. Expectations that parents/camp staffs are considered partners in providing positive growth experiences for children.

This summer, as in other summers, those expectations were not fully met.

A Picture's Worth: Issues on Permission to Photograph Campers and Appropriately Using Those Photos

Do you own the copyright to photos you are using to recruit campers and staff?

Are you using photos on the Web?

Do you have permission from parents/guardians to photograph and use the images of your campers and staff in promotional materials?

Have you checked your procedures lately?