Recipe for Success: Planting the Seeds of Change

Change is often difficult for the thousands of camps and conference centers across the country to embrace, partly because many camps are steeped in tradition, and partly because of fear. The camp food service industry has been serving up hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, bug juice, cake mixes, pre-baked breads, and, of course, s'mores for too long. Now is the time for camp directors and food service directors to embrace the movement toward healthier food options.

Staff and Food Accountability

No camp is immune to sneaky food raids. Over the years many camp directors have reported food incidents involving bears, strangers break-ing into kitchens, and, most often, camp staff. Tales of food raids are often legendary among staff, and they provide fodder for staff campfire stories and unspoken challenges that crop up each summer. Making the call about how to approach each food service-related issue falls to the camp director.