From Peter - January 2011

"Changing Lives — Enriching the World": These are simple words with challenging implications.

I thought of the words above, and how poignant this concept is for ACA at this time — especially as recent transitions remind us to recognize the work and accomplishments of our predecessors, and how we need to honor their pioneering spirit in order to stay present and relevant in the next 150 years.

From Peter

Because of Camp . . .™ — there are millions of powerful answers to this leading statement. We know that all participants — campers, counselors, supervisors, owners, and directors are changed by each camp experience. Even the most reluctant and unenthusiastic campers grow from the experience. Participants who "jump in feet first" gain even more, returning home with the ability to create stronger human relationships (they are more able to meet new people, speak their minds, and negotiate).