Bullying Prevention: Are You Up to Speed?

Most people understand the “old” concept of bullying — big guys picking on the little guys. It’s hard to find someone who has never been on one side or the other of such a situation, whether male or female or as an “observer” of bullying behavior. Many people shrug off bullying as part of the growing-up process. However, the effects of bullying often cause damage that lasts a lifetime. Consider the statistics: Around the globe, 15 percent of kids ages five to sixteen are bullied repeatedly.

A Cyberbullying Protection Plan

"Kick a Ginger Day." Fair to say, the majority of adults reading this article have no idea what this means. A bunch of junior-high-aged kids in Calabasas, California, did, however. On November 20, 2009, at least four girls and two boys were subjected to physical and/or verbal bullying and abuse because of their red hair, freckles, and pale complexions. Ginger. Gilligan's Island. Redheads. It's quite a leap.