Leadership Transition: What I Learned in My First Year as a Camp Director

Last November I had the pleasure of sharing a long car ride with Dr. Michael Thompson, during which he gave me a fun idea. We were on the way to Houston for a presentation he was giving about the benefits of summer camp, and I was picking his brain about writing while trying to hold my own in a game of swapping stories about camp.

The Argument We Must Learn To Make: Camp Creates Advantage

As I’m sure is true with many camps, we spent several weeks last October and November recruiting and visiting families in the major cities from which we draw campers. It is a fun and sometimes exhausting time of year — late nights, many new faces, camp events, reunions, and time away from home. Throughout the trip, I was struck by a pattern that has always been present but had escaped the focus of my attention: Many parents don’t know why they want to send their children to camp or what they expect their kids to get out of it.