Camp People

I think on a Facebook post someone asked:

“How do YOU define ‘camp people’? We use that term all the time, and one of my parents asked me. I know what I mean, but how do the rest of you define a camp person?

So here is MY definition of camp people. It is not a short definition, but it is what I think of when someone says “camp people,” and it is why I think we need them so much.

Tell the Story of Your Camp's Impact on Kids!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with a camp staff member who didn’t have a great story about a transformational experience that happened to some child at their camp. The shy camper that blossomed in a supportive environment, the child that took six tries before they could finally step off the zip line platform, the sullen teen on the fringe of the group who returned from a wilderness trip enthused by newfound respect and independence. We all have those stories. What many of us do not have is the evidence back these stories up.

The Dollar$ and Cents of Operating a Camp

Most camp professionals love to talk about the impact of the camp experience on the lives of their participants. Sometimes, these professionals wrestle with the business side of camp, especially in tight economic times! Often what camp directors and administrators need are DATA that allow them to compare their operations information to camps similar to them.