Camp "Whatever" Letter

Camp Hancock’s director Bill Young and I conceived the “Camp Whatever Letter,” originally written more than a decade ago, as a response to our observations and frustrations about the changing culture of parents and children. Many (not all) young people of all ages had an agenda that included drugs, sex, alcohol, and a fascination with violence. In addition, consulting parents many times about their child’s troubling behavior at camp proved unsuccessful. “That’s the way they are today” was a response heard one too many times.

Top 10 Considerations Suggested if Sexual Abuse Is Alleged Against a Camp Director

An occupational hazard of working with children in any congregate care program including camps could create this unfortunate reality. Given the current issues of allegations against university staff, clerics of all religions, local professional caregivers, and the range of top level personnel, it becomes essential to think through this possibility and be prepared should an allegation surface.

Camp Is No Place for Bullying Behaviors!

Social cruelty, or bullying, has reached the level of “life and death.” With summer 2012 now here, parents are asking questions about how camp counselors and staff are being trained to keep their children safe. Please note that the parental question is clearly focused on direct caregivers — not on camp administration. Since school teachers have essentially been unsuccessful in preventing bullying nationwide, parents and guardians are not prepared to either waste their money or have their child victimized in a day or residential program.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Critical Role of Parents

Hypothesis: "The fight against child molesters begins by parents teaching their children."