The Fad: When to Get on Board

Every year, dozens of new ideas and activities become popular among youth. Sometimes a television show makes it big and starts a fad (remember the years of Fear Factor and Minute to Win It?); other times a specific activity makes the popular list. (Like when paintball was all the rage ten years ago.) There are even instances of entire fad cultures (the hipster culture). Fads exist for small children (i.e. Minecraft), teens (i.e. One Direction), and even adults (think about the popularity of household blogs among women).

When Meetings Take Over

Before returning to the camp profession, I spent a couple of years working in higher education as part of the ministry staff at a small liberal arts Christian college. Our department's job was to encourage faith development in students. Mine, in particular, was to encourage service and volunteerism. We planned events, themes, discussions, and a variety of other involvement opportunities for our 1,200 college students. To coordinate everything we were doing, from chapel to mission trips, service days to spiritual retreats, we had seemingly endless meetings.