Boys and Camp - Developing Skills for Life Success

I spent a few months earlier this year visiting camps throughout New England. One of my stops was Camp Watitoh, a sleepaway camp in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, where a college classmate and friend of mine is now a co-director. While Camp Watitoh is coed, it has separate campus areas for boys and girls. I arrived a bit worn out from a red-eye flight and the subsequent drive, but became immediately energized by lush green playing fields filled with enthusiastic campers.

Girls and Camp: Fostering Community, Causes, and Confidence

I spent the first 12 years of my life in a sleepy, rural town in the northeast corner of Connecticut. With both of my parents working full-time, my summer mornings began near dawn as I filled up my backpack and headed to the bus stop a few houses down the road. I would wait patiently with a sense of giddiness at what the day's activities at camp would bring. Holiday Hill Day Camp was my escape, my pure fun without requirements or judgments, and the freedom to choose whether I played Four Square after lunch or made gimp bracelets in arts and crafts.