Power of Play Conference 2018

It's your move! Join us for the 2018 Power of Play Conference. Learn about the latest inclusive practices, network with others in the field and have a blast doing it!

The Power of Play conference covers a wide range of inclusion-related topics including: 

Translating Passion for Growth into Camp Leadership Skills

For 24 years, I have been a camp professional. Most of that time, I have led nonprofit camps that serve the Jewish community. For less than three years in between two camp directing positions, my job shifted to a more global role with the North American Jewish community, but I kept my hands in the camp world. I have in some way — whether directly or indirectly — impacted the experiences of more than 300,000 campers and staff members during the 24 summers that I have been a camp or camping movement leader.

Cultivating Leaders

Cultivating leaders is one of the best aspects of my job. For the past ten years, I have used the leadership curve to initiate the training with our Campers in Leadership Training (CILT). Our CILTs are youth in their final summer as campers. I am not sure where the idea was created. I may have stolen it from someone else (and if so, I would love to find the person so I can thank him or her for the inspiration), or it came to me as a vision.

Camp: Preparation for Life

To say that expectations and pressures for high school students have increased is an understatement. The competition to get into the best universities dominates the minds of teenagers and parents alike, with colleges seemingly ever more selective. This shift has put renewed emphasis on augmenting adolescent learning experiences.

Words Matter: Communication Strategies

What we say, how we say it and what we look like when we say it all matter.  Communication, or lack thereof, can undermine even the best leader.  This session will look at how the brain processes communication, and how we can teach ourselves to communicate more effectively.  Come prepared to participate in communication training and to take that training back to your camp.

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:

Crucial Camp Conversations: Five Keys for Success

How many of these sentences have you heard from inexperienced leadership staff?

Don't Let Your Camp Go to Pot: Impacts and Policy Challenges of Legalized Marijuana on Youth Camps

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in seven states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) and Washington, DC. It is still a federal offense to possess, transport, grow, or sell marijuana. Extension faculty who work with 4-H Youth Development programs are funded under the United States Department of Agriculture, and it is not legal for faculty or staff to advocate or provide education that would support the cultivation, distribution, or use of marijuana.

The Business of Leadership: An Interview with Adam Bryant

Journalist Adam Bryant has spent two decades wearing multiple reporting and editing hats at The New York Times. Concentrating on the business world and what CEOs have to teach us about sound leadership and maintaining a positive corporate culture, Bryant launched his twice weekly column Corner Office in 2009, followed by his book The Corner Office; Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed in 2012, and his most recent Quick and Nimble; Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation in 2014.