Developmental Relationships and Igniting Sparks:Creating Connections That Help Youth Thrive

Creating connections that help youth thrive! Learn how to motivate young people in your school, organization, or community by tapping into their "sparks" (those activities that truly engage kids to be their best). Discover the central role of sparks in engaging youth to learn, contribute, and grow. Explore how to engage young people in identifying, cultivating, and expressing their sparks, and develop strategies for intentionally engaging young people in conversations and actions that are rooted in their passions and interests.

Building Healthy Relationships with Parents: What Every Camp Needs to Know

Today’s parents are supportive and dedicated to their children, but they are also the most anxious and controlling parents in American history. Successful camps have strategies in place for effectively managing parents’ needs and expectations, but what strategies are most effective? This webinar provides evidence-based approaches for managing today’s (over)parents based on what’s working in the camp industry, as well as tips for positive parent interaction.

In this session participants will learn:

ACA Mid States Camp Conference

The ACA Mid States Conference is an innovative learning community that not only offers some of the most educational, imaginative and cutting-edge speakers; but one that believes in the value of learning-through-doing.  

Family & Community Connections

Understand the role of the family and community in the development and growth of participants.

Competency Aspiration

Maintain connectedness and civic engagement within communities by linking camp processes and outcomes to external communities