Our Climate Our Future


Our Climate Our Future is an interactive video series for young people about climate change.

CampWire Episode #5 — Outdoor Education and School Groups with Tim Street

In the fifth episode of CampWire, Sam talks with Tim Street from Bradford Woods in Indiana about school groups and outdoor education at camp.

Create Wonderful Moments in Nature: Here, There, Everywhere

Nature is everywhere at camp, and we sometimes walk right past it. Whether your camp is in a city or the country, there is nature. It might be roly-polys in the leaves, mosquitoes buzzing past, or owls hooting late at night. Yet, we too often only think about it if we are working as part of a camp nature program. Simple ideas can allow you to take advantage of teachable moments in nature without being an expert in biology. Likely, the campers will catch on to your excitement and be curious about what might be next.

Putting Nature in Perspective: An Interview with Scott Sampson, PhD

Scott Sampson, PhD, is a dinosaur paleontologist, science communicator, and passionate advocate for connecting people with nature. He currently serves as vice president of research and collections and chief curator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where much of his work focuses on rethinking 21st-century cities as places where people and nature thrive. He is perhaps best known as “Dr. Scott,” host and science advisor of the Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS series Dinosaur Train, which airs in more than 100 countries.