Accreditation Marketing for Your Camp's Website

Looking for help explaininig to your camp parents why ACA accreditation is important? Feel free to use all or any parts of the message asbelow along with your ACA-Accredited logo on your camp's website to detail to parents why you chose to be accredited and why it's so important for their child.



ACA has many resources available to help in the operation of your camp, including ready-to-use forms and sample policies and procedures. ACA forms are reviewed by medical professionals and legal counsel, and are updated regularly to be sure they meet current regulations. Note: All ACA forms are copyrighted. It is illegal to photocopy them without permission.

Forms are free to ACA members and require member login to view and download. Photocopying is allowed for member use only.

Preprinted forms may be purchased in quantity from the ACA Bookstore. Available to both members and nonmembers. 

Forms Include

  • Camper Health History Form 1
  • Camper Healthcare Recommendations by Licensed Medical Personnel Form 2
  • Camp Health Record Card
  • Camp Health Record Form
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Checklist of Possible Indicators of Abuse
  • Camp Staff Application
  • Voluntary Disclosure Statement (revised version available by January 15)
  • Medical Recommendation for Camp Employees
  • Health History Form for Camp Employee
  • Request for Additional Information about Your Child’s Asthma
  • Health History Form for Short-term Campers (three nights or less)
  • Health and Emergency Information for Adult Campers (this form is not appropriate for cognitively delayed adults)
  • Exemption from Immunization Requirements

Other Resources

Native American Night Sky Storytelling

SkyTellersExplore the mysteries of our Universe with Sky Tellers! Ten Native American myths and legends investigate the reason for day and Night, why we have seasons, the origin of the stars and other wondrous phenomena of our night sky. Each narrative is accompanied by the story that scientists tell today.

SkyTellers is a collaborative project between the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Ms. Lynn Moroney, and was funded by the National Science Foundation. The stories are told by Native American Master Storytellers and a Native American Astronaut. 

You will need to login to download the audio files. Listen to one of the stories