Helping Youth Have a Faith of Their Own

The fact that youth participate in church less as they get older and often are not present in church as young adults can lead church leaders to assume they lack religious interest. A new book growing out of the National Study of Youth and Religion challenges that assumption. Sociologists Lisa Pearce and Melinda Lundquist Denton found that older teens and young adults see great significance in religion though not always in institutional forms of religious life.

Spiritual Well-Being Outcomes

How do we know that our camps are meeting our own program goals? The ACA Camp Youth Outcomes Battery (YOB) offers camps data-gathering measures that focus on common camp outcomes. The statistically-tested questionnaires are camp specific, age-appropriate, easily administered tools that can be customized to any camp.

ACA Youth Outcomes Resources and Scales (including Spiritual Well-Being Scale)

Bug Juice and Other Culinary Delights

Take two parts graham cracker, two parts chocolate bar; one part large, toasted, gooey marshmallow pressed between the graham crackers; and insert the conglomeration of flavor and mess into the waiting, open mouth of any camper at any camp in the world. What do you have? S’More! The demand heard ’round the world from happy campers is just one, tiny element included in the culinary delights offered at summer camp.


Camp is integral in educating the whole child. Find information on summer learning, partnering with schools, and connecting children to nature.
Resources and information about the positive benefits of summer learning and enrichment for children and youth

Accreditation Resources

When parents ask, be prepared. Find messages to share with parents about the importance of camp accreditation at the following pages.
Questions and answers for parents about the importance of ACA accreditation

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I want to commend you on highlighting the serious abuses that could happen with children at our camps and are happening in our communities by including Norman Friedman’s article, “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Critical Role of Parents,” in the November/December 2010 issue of Camping Magazine. Those of us who have been privi­leged to learn from Norm in various contexts are once again lucky to have him as a mentor in this essential risk management topic for camps.

Camp-grown Food Service Staff: Leading and Cooking with Gumption

Camp food service and other directors would benefit exponentially from implementing a "gumption-growing" mantra in their food service operation — the idea that camps can teach gumption (the ability to take initiative) as part of an esteem-building model. This can be a shot of positive thinking for food staff that helps them realize and verbalize their personal abilities and limitations (Howard & Howard, 2014).