Camping Magazine’s 20/20 Toolbox

The 20/20 Toolbox series provides resources to help camps realize ACA’s 20/20 Vision. We are calling this series a “toolbox” for a reason — our intent is to focus on providing hands-on, real-life, “how-to” ideas — ideas that can be implemented and go beyond theory.

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Your Call to Action - 20/20 Vision

What can you do to help the world see the camp experience through ACA’s 20/20 lens?

  • Consider partnering with parents and the community to tell the camp story.
  • Articulate the contribution ACA offers to the camp community and the value ACA can offer your peers.
  • Share a credible passion based on social value.
  • Serve as an advocate for children, youth, and families.
  • Embrace your imagination.
  • Use your voice and share the 20/20 Vision.

Pillars of Hope

Our intimacy with nature – The camp experience is the best way to address nature deficit disorder.

Brutal Truths

Let’s consider Five Brutal Truths.

Brutal Truth #1 – It’s not about camp; it’s about making people better. To achieve this, we stand on three pillars of hope.

Brutal Truth #2 – We serve too few.

It is true that 10 million young people go to camp annually. This may sound impressive—but don’t be lulled into satisfaction. ACA camps only serve 3 million. To serve so few, suggests a self-serving small community.

Why shouldn’t we want to profoundly influence the 10 million?

ACA's 20/20 Vision

A Commitment to Serve
20 Million Children by the Year 2020

We are challenged by our own thinking.

One of the trends we see in the world today is an increasing awareness of social responsibility and moral responsibility—and how one creates benefit. Yet, we continue to talk about camp instead of talking about the tremendous contribution we make to positive child and youth development, and therefore, to the community and family.