Boost Your Camp Scholarship Fundraising with the Help of ACA

By participating in Camp Moves Me and raising money for your scholarship program, you are giving more children the chance to experience the lifechanging, positive effects of camp.

Promotional Materials to Support Your Camp Moves Me Effort

October will be here before you know it! It’s time to start recruiting your Camp Moves Me team and building your donor base. We’ve come up with some language you can use to promote your participation and encourage your camp family to join you in raising money for your camp’s scholarships! Please feel free to adjust the content to fit your needs.

Building Your Team

Copy and paste text below to send to anyone who would be willing to get moving in October and raise money for your camp.

Have Your Camp Participate as a Team - Camp Moves Me

With the start of Camp Moves Me fast approaching, we'd like to share a new feature for this year's campaign. In addition to participating as individual, you can now participate on a team!

Camp Moves Me: Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered, now what do I do?

Great, thanks for signing up! Now all you need to do is to get donors/sponsors to support your efforts so that you can raise money for this great cause. Contact your network of friends, family, and colleagues and get the word out about your effort. RallyUp provides a number of mechanisms to maximize getting the word out, or you can just send your friends to RallyUp's Donate Page.

Camp Moves Me 2019

In its first five years, The American Camp Association’s Camp Moves Me has raised more than $275,000 to send kids to ACA-accredited camps. Plenty of people joined the movement that sent more than 1,294 kids to camp. For 2019, ACA-accredited camps can raise money to send campers to their own camp! Don’t miss this opportunity to share your camp experience with more campers.