St. Louis Camp Community Connection Zoom Meeting

Join St. Louis local office members to discuss topics that are important to you today.

Texoma Camp Community Connection Zoom Meeting

Join fellow Texoma membership discuss issues that are important to them today.

Great Rivers Camp Community Connection Zoom Meeting

Join Great Rivers membership to discuss topics that are important to you today.

Webinar - Beyond Conference Calls - How to REALLY Collaborate Virtually

At this point, most people know how to make a conference call and share a screen. But how do you turn a virtual meeting from death by PowerPoint into a truly collaborative experience?

Webinar - Communicating with Your Camp Families, Staff, and Alumni During COVID-19

With the spread of the Coronavirus, there are many unknowns, but during this crucial time, it is imperative for camps to provide relevant communication messages that are carefully planned, timed and delivered. It is critical that you get ahead of the issue before any negativity starts to spread. 

Lessons Learned from another Year of the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline - 2019

The ACA Hotline is a year-round, twenty-four-hour-a-day service provided to any ACA camp or member who needs help in a crisis.  Each year, ACA analyzes the hotline issues and provides case studies and resources to assist in crisis management, staff training, and preparation for the unexpected, providing valuable lessons every camp can learn.  This webinar explores situations from the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline that arose over the past year.  Learn from the experiences of other camps in crisis situations and have the opportunity to discuss situations with the ACA Hotline team.

Crisis Hotline Handout 2019

Handout for presentation on Lessons Learned from ACA's Crisis Hotline.

How the Camp Crisis Hotline Can Help You

Sometimes, despite best efforts to be prepared in case of emergencies and expect the unexpected, crises occur.

For just over thirty years, the American Camp Association (ACA) has been helping camps in crisis with a year-round, 24-hours-a-day confidential camp crisis hotline. The purpose of the hotline is to support camps who want help in a crisis. The hotline is not a medical, insurance, or legal advice hotline, but it does serve as an “ear” to help talk through a crisis. The hotline staff help camps think through issues and questions, and identify resources that may assist.

Communication from Off-Property

Risk management decisions are made days, weeks, and months in advance. This adage is especially true when making communication plans for when your campers leave camp property. Reliable communication away from camp is dependent on plans that are thoughtfully considered well in advance. This article will cover a host of planning considerations essential to effective and reliable communication when your campers are on adventures away from your main camp property.