Camp Includes Me: Inclusion, Fusion, and Cross-Cultural Agility

Color television was invented in the early 1950s, and in the mid-tolate 1960s, my family didn't have one yet. My parents had seven children and were committed to putting us all through private elementary and high school — so our big black-and-white console TV seemed just fine to them. We had that black-and-white TV for a long time. And I thought we would probably never (in my lifetime) own a color television because they were so expensive. We had lived in a black-and-white world for so long that having a true multicolored television viewing experience seemed virtually impossible.

A Return To Tolerance

The scuffle was over almost as quickly as it started. The boys were playing a team game, and, as is common with nine-year-old boys, there was a disagreement about the rules. An argument quickly ensued, and without warning Josh punched Carlton — a boy from the other team. In the blink of an eye, both boys were on the ground engaged in a tussle.