How to Update Your Find a Camp Listing

Summer is approaching quickly. Is your Find a Camp listing up to date? Add photos, information about your camp, what programs you will be running this summer, and more.

You can easily update your Find a Camp listing by following these steps.

1. Visit

2. Click on For Camps > Edit My Camp

What's the difference between camps, programs and sessions?


  • Typically, the physical site or location where the programs happen.


  • The package of activities used as a means of achieving the program's goals.


  •  A single program may have multiple occurrences throughout a season. A session in ACA's Find a Camp includes session dates, duration, age/grade, and cost.

Hoped for more results in your camp search?

Campgrounds and RV Camping

We understand why there may be confusion. Since the word "camp" is in the name of American Camp Association, many people think we are a resource for public campgrounds, RV camping, or family camping.  The word "camp" in our name really refers to programs that serve youth, adults, and seniors in day and resident camps and conference centers. These programs may be sponsored by agencies, religious organizations, or independent operators.

Why List All Camps on Find a Camp?

How do we increase the exposure of ACA-accredited camps to parents AND simultaneously educate parents on the value of being accredited?

ACA’s new approach to Find a Camp is the solution to this question. By allowing all camps to be listed on ACA’s Find a Camp — not just ACA-accredited camps — we open the door to more parents than ever and engage them in a conversation about the importance of accreditation.

Here are the stats:

Why Improve Find a Camp?

  1. It’s an important tool to help an increasing number of children, youth, and adults from diverse cultures and backgrounds find the perfect camp experience, and we wanted to help parents even more.
  2. The new system will deliver camps and articles that are useful and comprehensive for parents.
  3. It provides much more detail for the parent and gives the camp more specific ways to reach parents.

Camps that Rent to Groups

ACA-accredited or member camps that rent or lease their facilities to groups for summer or "off-season" programs.

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