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Project Real Job’s Innovation Boot Camp -Shark Tank Event- Ideas Around Staff Motivation

Shark Tank for Camp Pros, and YOU are the Sharks (i.e., judges)! A cohort of over 40 camp leaders, staff, and students were given the prompt, “What is one new way you can motivate staff leading up to Summer 2021?” They spent several weeks developing innovative ideas during a PRJ Innovation Boot Camp. In this webinar, you will (1) hear teams pitch their ideas, (2) have the opportunity to ask questions, and (3) reflect on how to bring these innovative ideas back to camp. 

Furloughs, Layoffs, Quarantines, and Exposures Oh My! Employment Law Perspectives You Need to Know

We are living in unprecedented times.  Whether you have made the decision to open your camp or to operate (in-person or virtually) our new normal is very different than pre-pandemic.  Join us to learn about your obligations as an employer to your staff and to your business.

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Job Description Template by Title

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Business Manager
Camp Counselor
Camp Director
Day Camp Counselor
Day Camp Director
Dining Hall Manager
Food Service Manager
Health Care Assistant/First Aider
Health Care Manager (often a Nurse)
Horse Back Riding Assistant/Specialist
Horseback Riding Director
Kitchen Assistant
Maintenance Assistant
Program Director
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Archery
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Arts and Crafts
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Bicycling
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Challenge Course/Adventure Program
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Environmental Education/Naturalist
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Field Sports
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Gymnastics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Outdoor Skills
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Pottery and Ceramics
Program Specialist/Activity Leaders: Tripping
Property Manager
Waterfront/Aquatics Director
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Boating
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Lifeguard
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Sailing
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Swimming
Waterfront/Aquatics Specialist: Water Skiing

Staff Recruitment & Retention Downloadable Handouts

These free resources help tell the story about the importance of adding summer camp experience to a resume!

Camp Creates Job Magic

By the time camp staff decide what their chosen field of work is going to be, they have unknowingly benefitted from some amazing transformative experiences. Even if they decide not to stay in the camp field, the skills they obtain during their rise through the camp hierarchy will serve as a foundation for work readiness. What originally started as a random camp entry-level job, or possibly a place to work because of a specific skill, now becomes a platform to learn what employers are looking for when it comes to job skill requirements.

CampSafe: Online Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Staff

CampSafe is an innovative, interactive eLearn training empowering camp staff with awareness and knowledge about child sexual abuse prevention. Preparing staff before they arrive to camp on this sensitive topic ensures everyone has the same baseline knowledge of sexual abuse prevention, response and reporting. All staff participate in a 35 minute pre-camp eLearn training.

2019 FLSA Update: New White Collar Salary Rule and 13(a)(3) Seasonal Exemption

Join us for an update on the Fair Labor Standards Act white collar exemptions, as well as camp-specific content relating to the 13(a)(3) seasonal exemption.  Do you have questions about the new FLSA “White-Collar” exemption?  How does the new Final Rule affect your camp? Come to this webinar and hear about the issue from a partner in Ice Miller’s Labor and Employment Group.

By the end of the webinar participant will learn: