Camp Trends: Tuition

Updated 7/26/18

The bottom line about camp costs is that there's a camp for just about every budget. Fees to attend camp can vary. Resident camp tuition averages can be $630 per week to up to a $2,000+ a week. Day camp tuition averages can be $199 a week up to $800+ a week. (2018 ACA Business Operations Report)

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Camp Trends: Enrollment

Enrollment continues to rise

Each summer more than 14 million children and adults take advantage of the camp experience. In a 2016 Camper Enrollment Survey, approximately 80% of responding camps reported the same or higher enrollment than previous summers.

Female campers account for 56 percent of total enrollment while male campers account for 49 percent.

The most popular session length is one week or less, although the majority of independent camp operators offer four, six, and eight-week sessions.

Camp Trends: Year-Round Camps

While still a debate in many communities, according to theNational Center for Education Statistics, 14 percent of schools operate on a year-round calendar. Camps are extending the season and diversifying their services to accommodate this trend. The 1999 ACA accreditation standards program changed from accrediting only the summer program to accrediting camps' year-round operation. New partnerships with school systems are emerging as a way to help children retain learning over the summer.

Camp Trends: Family Camps

Summer camps for children, adults, families, and seniors operate under trained professionals and have volunteer or paid staff to work with their special client groups. Camps may be found in rural, suburban or urban communities, operate on several thousand back country acres, or in city parks.

Family camps offer cross-generational activities on weekends throughout the year, as well as family sessions during the summer.

Camp Trends: Specialty Camps

Camps are designed in a variety of styles and formats and provide activities that vary to meet many interests. Most camps offer a general program of outdoor activities of hiking, swimming, sports and games, arts and crafts, and nature awareness. Some camps have special emphasis on programs such as horseback riding, water sports, music, or adventure challenge activities.

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