Safe, Sanitary Water

It's been years since we talked about potable water systems in Building Principles, and with opening camp just around the corner, this seems like an ideal time to revisit some of the key points that your county sanitarian expects you to know to run a safe, healthy water system at camp. So, let's look at some basic whys and hows of disinfection.

Buffet, Serving Line, and Family Style: The Pros and Cons

What type of dining service does your camp use? To get an idea of what is currently popular in camps, I conducted a survey among camp food service directors and received some insightful responses.

Buffet Serving Style

Some of the first buffet restaurants in America were established in the 1950s by restaurateur Johnny Garneau. These mimicked the traditional Swedish "smorgasbord" buffet-style meal, with a wide variety of food displayed on a table (Smith, 2013).

Wildfires in the West

The threat of wildfires impacts camps in the west more each year.  This webinar explores wildland fire preparation, response and recovery from four critical perspectives: Public Policy, Fire Service, Insurance and Camp Experience.   Our panel of experts will answer your questions and provide insight and practical information for camps to proactively manage the risks associated with wildfire.  We will also dedicate time for participants to share their own knowledge and learn from each other in a virtual meet up discussion at the end of the event.  This program is designed with western region

Whatever the Weather

One of my fondest camp memories is of sitting in a large platform tent with my other new friends during a torrential downpour. Like most suburban kids I knew, I had long been schooled to come in the house when it rained, and this "sorta house" was certainly not what my mother had in mind. I can smell wet canvas, damp forest, and mud right now. Like walking with a flashlight a hundred yards in the dark to get to the latrine, this was also part of the adventure that brought me back to camp year after year. Somehow, even in the 1970s (Wow!

What Did Winter Do to Your Camp Property?

The winter of 2018–2019 was one that many hope is not repeated soon! Winds, torrential rains, snow, and even drought were prevalent. As you prepare for the upcoming summer, it is important to pay as much attention to your property as you do to your staff hiring and training. Is conducting a “property audit” on your “to do” list? If not, consider the benefits of adding it to the list.

Dutch Oven Cooking Tools and Tips

Gabe, now a fifth grader, was pumped that he had graduated prerequisite camp programs required to experience Adventure Camp for the first time. Gabe conquered the zip line, sailed on the lake, and last summer, he and his fellow Adventure campers slept in tents in the wilderness for a whole week! A favorite delight that week surprised him — being sous chef to his counselors while Dutch oven cooking, especially when searing fajitas. Here are some pointers for your outdoor campers.

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck? And Would You Know How to Decipher the Tag on the Lumber?

A decade ago, the United States market voluntarily abandoned the long-standing wood preservative and treatment method where an arsenic and copper compound was forced into the fibers of the lumber. When the fluid was removed, this preservative was left behind and was extremely effective at retarding decay. The copper displaced water (and the microbes that cause rot), and the arsenic deterred wood-consuming insects like ants and termites. Contrary to popular belief, there was never any evidence that these chemicals would leach from the product or caused harm from splinters.

A U.S. Secret Service Agent's Guide to Creating Safe Camps

This webinar is meant to provide participants with concepts to proactively develop and/or improve safety and security at their camps and outdoor venues.  The presentation will include discussion about threat assessments of facilities, continuity of operations planning, standard operating procedures, training for staff, and other important features.  Participants will feel that they can proactively and positively promote a safe and secure outdoor venue without imposing on the serenity and ambiance of their location. 

Know What's Below

Where public utilities meet the properties they serve, knowing what's buried before you disturb the ground is more than a good idea: It is the law and violations are subject to significant penalties. After millions of dollars in damage and fatalities across the country, the reasoning behind the laws isn't hard to imagine. "Call before you dig" is what's required, and the established procedures serve to protect everybody, utility owner and landowner alike. But if knowing what's below is the law for public utilities, shouldn't that same idea apply to camp's buried utilities?