ACA, Wisconsin Keynote Speaker

Denisha Tate-McAlister

Denisha is the Founder & Lead Consultant of Denisha Tate & Associates, LLC. She is an award-winning leader and author with over 20 years of executive experience and the go-to person for those up to something big!

Growing up in Chicago, she thought BIG was the only way to do everything. The skyscrapers were definitely an influence.  She grew up in a concrete jungle…honking horns, sirens, conversations all hours of the night, and all the musical noise of a big city. Denisha’s first experience of the peace and silence of nature was on a family vacation to Mississippi at age 8. She was amazed at the different sounds and smells (not all were so great). At that point she immediately fell in love with nature, ok most of nature- she and bugs never really saw eye to eye.

The little girl from the big city knew that she would never forget the peace and symphony of this new view of outdoors. She considers herself Ms. Joy, Lady Sunshine, and the most fun you can legally have!!! Isn’t that what camp feels like?

Camp continued to pay sneak visits to her life…Christian overnight camp at age 12. Family overnight fishing trip at age 20. Single’s Retreat at age 25. And then finally joining the staff of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and meeting the team of Camp Whitcomb Mason. Yes, she came full circle to the scenery where she first fell in love with the peace and symphony of nature!

With a B.S. in Psychology, from the University of Illinois, and M.B.A. from University of Phoenix she has led departments of 120 people and systems with nearly 900 employees. She has served as Vice President, Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Chief Strategic Officer (CSO). Denisha has even been recognized by the Business Journal as a WOMAN OF INFLUENCE. But at the core of it all, Denisha is a little girl from Chicago who found her love playing in tall grass in the country.


Opening Keynote

Being Awesome is as Easy as A, B, C

The Phrase HAPPY CAMPER is used to describe a person’s positive demeanor- anywhere.  The joy, fun, laughter, and sheer bliss created at camp is YOUR superpower. In case you have forgotten, this session will provide participants with the proof of their AWESOMENESS- Easy as A, B, C.


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