Visitor Information for ACA, Wisconsin

Visitor Assignment Timeline

  1. January 1- Visitor Information Forms and Camp Information Forms Due
  2. February/March - Visitor Assignments Announced (will be sent via email only)
  3. May 1- Camp Self-Assessments Completed by Visitor 
  4. June- August- On-Site Visit (most visits take place during these summer months)  

Visitor Information Form

Please make sure ACA has your correct visitor information!  Sign-into Edit My Contact Information, scroll to the bottom of the page to My Visit Details and update this information. 

Visitor Resources

Need a score form or a list of the "fixes" for a missed mandatory standard?  Find this information plus much more on the dedicated Visitor webpage

Not a Visitor, but interested in becoming one?

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the ACA-Accreditation program. Without Standards Visitors, the American Camp Association would not be able to implement the Accreditation program.

ACA's Associate Visitor course helps participants identify the purpose and structure of ACA's accreditation programs and understand the many steps of the process. Participants become familiar with the legal implications of visitor actions, as well as develop skills in gathering information, making compliance decisions, and consistently applying the standards in a variety of situations. This course stresses the awareness and acceptance of the intent of the standards to represent accepted practices of organized camping. Prerequisite: Participants in the Associate Visitor Course must be at least twenty-one years of age, a current ACA member, and have completed the Standards course and an application endorsed by their local ACA office.  Become a Visitor

Who to Contact for Standards Related Questions

Carrie Wilson
ACA, Wisconsin Standards Chair

  • Specific Standards (book) questions & application of Standards
  • Questions or explanation of scoring
  • Appeals/Section Review of scores


Abby Burbank
Standards Manager

Training schedules

  • Administrative questions, resource requests
  • Visitor/Camp contact information
  • General Program questions