Hotel Reservation Scam

ACA 2016 National Conference and Exhibits

We would like to make you aware of a situation that has been brought to our attention.  There are companies (Convention Housing Services, Global Housing, Global Travel, etc...) who have been contacting our exhibitors to "assist" with hotel reservations.  They sometimes disguise themselves as the American Camping Association (ACA) Housing Bureau or claim to represent the Hilton Atlanta.   They may claim they can get better rates, that rooms are limited, or use other sales pitch methods.   They are NOT the official housing bureau and are NOT affiliated with the ACA in any way. 

If you receive a call from this or any company claiming to represent the ACA, be aware that this may be a scam and DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATION.  These companies are NOT affiliated with the ACA in any capacity. If you are contacted by any such company, please ask for the company name, phone number, address, and contact who called (email if possible) and to send it to

Please make your reservations directly with the Hilton Atlanta.  You can make your reservation online, or by calling 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667).  To receive the ACA negotiated rate, be sure to mention you are with the American Camp Association, and that the room block/group code is ACA.