New Director Orientation Facilitator Information

Information for NDO Facilitators and Local Office Staff

Thank you for your interest in ACA's New Director Orientation (NDO) course! Please remember to get your course on the ACA Events Calendar as soon as possible!

Use Agreement for NDO materials

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New Director Orientation Facilitator's Course Materials and Resources

Here are some additional resources for NDO Facilitators. Some of these resources were not included in the NDO Curriculum PDF becasue they are left as original templates so facilitators can download and cutomize them for each course. As we get new resources, we will also place them on this page so all Faciliatators can update their NDO curriculum.

Visitor Update Course - Training Curriculum

The Visitor Update Course is for current visitors and is intended to share changes to the ACA Accreditation Program and prepare them for camp visits with the standards changes/revisions.

Associate Visitor Course - Training Curricula

Prerequisite: Online Precourse. Contact Kim to arrange enrollment for participants. Instructors will be enrolled and are expected to review content covered. Additionally, Instructors will be given access to monitor the progress of the participants in their local course. Access information will be sent.

Standards Update Course - Training Curricula

The Standards Update Course serves as review of the ACA Accreditation Program and helps participants prepare for their upcoming visit. Participants taking an update course must have previously attended a standards course and have been actively involved in the preparation for a successful ACA visit. All information below has been updated for summer 2016 visits.

Instructor Update Course

This course serves as a review of standards revisions and changes for currently certified instructors and associate instructors. Curriculum links contains the notes view of the PowerPoint slide deck (actual curriculum is in the "notes" portion), participant handouts, and instructor resources

ACA New Standards Instructor Course


Thursday, December 3 (2 pm start), through Saturday, December 5, 2015 (noon finish)

Briarwood Retreat Center in Argyle, TX – near Dallas/Fort Worth

This location offers great amenities for the New Instructor course which includes, god proximity to a major airport, ability to serve a variety of dietary needs, wireless internet access, nice meeting rooms and hotel style sleeping rooms, and a peaceful setting.

Standards Course - Training Curricula

The ACA Standards Course is intended for those camps and/or individuals that are new to the ACA Accreditation process.

Links below include the notes view of the PowerPoint slide deck (actual curriculum is in the "notes" portion), participant handouts, and the actual presentation. All information below has been updated for summer 2016 visits.