Exhibitor FAQ

When can I set up my booth?
Wed. Feb.21 at 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. is exhibitor set up.  No one will be allowed to set up any earlier, no exceptions. 

What are the exhibit hall hours?
Exhibits will open Wed. Feb. 21 at 5:30 p.m.  Complete schedule

When is my booth balance due?
Booth balances are due by Dec. 15, 2017.  You will receive an email from ACA if you have a balance owed.  No one will be permitted to set up their booth until paid-in-full.

What are the booth sizes?
Booths are 10 deep x 10 wide

What comes with my booth fee?
Your booth comes with pipe, drape and a sign.  You will need to purchase electricity, tables, chairs, waste basket, Wi-Fi, etc.  The hall is carpeted.  See the service kit from Freeman when it arrives in Jan.

What is the celing height?
Height is 17'.

How many badges come with my booth?
You are provided with 4 name badges.  Badges are for employees are representatives of your company, no exceptioin.  You may purchase additional badges for $25 up to three additional badges.  Any badges over max of 7 will have to purchase a daily registeration ticket.

When can I start shipping my materials?
Freeman Decorators will send you an email with a link to the service kit mid-January.  We will also post a link on the exhibitor page when it is available.  There will be shipping instructions in the kit when they will start accepting deliveries to the warehouse. 

Can I ship directly to Disney Coronado Resort?
More information coming. ACA's GSC will be Freeman Decorators. 

Is the Disney Coronado Resort a union facility?
More information coming.

Is the hall carpeted?

Who do I contact to order Audio Visual Equipment for my booth at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort?
More information to come.

Am I allowed to unload my own materials?
More to come. Your Event Manager will let you know which area will work best for your load-in/out. The GSC (Freeman) has control over the freight elevator and any shipments going through the elevator will be handled by them will incur the material handling charge. 

Can I sell product at my booth?
Yes.  Follow the sales tax guide lines for the state of Florida.

Can I provide food samples at my booth?
We do NOT permit any outside food or beverage without expressed written consent from the food and beverage supplier.  Please contact your Event Manager for additional details.

Is it possible to buy event/meal tickets for friends and family?
Yes, you may purchase them on site, subject to availability. Spaces reserved in advance are guaranteed. On-site ticket availability may be limited.  If you would like to pre-order tickets contact someone in business development to add to your exhibitor agreement.

Can I submt to do a session or a workshop?
Yes, Proposals will be accepted through September 15, 2017. Visit www.ACAcamps.org/conference/cfp for more details.  You must be an exhibitor to present.

Why should I stay at the conference host hotel(s)?
The success of the national conference depends on registrants and exhibitors staying at the contracted host hotel to offset the sizable costs of producing the conference and exhibits. ACA cannot meet contracted room obligations if registrants and exhibitors reserve rooms in other area hotels. The risk of incurring tens of thousands of dollars in financial penalties (attrition fees) increases with each registrant who stays outside the host hotel. If we do not meet our guarantee, we will have to pay penalties, which add to the costs of the conference and in turn increase registration and exhibitor fees. Sustaining a financially successful conference for ACA means ensuring that both conference registrants and exhibitors have a quality, meaningful event that will reap benefits for you and the profession for years to come.

What airport should I use?
More to come.

What are my ground transportation options from the airport?
More to come.

If I plan to drive, what is the parking fee?
Nore to come.