1. Step one is logging into your ACA account with your login (typically your email address or member/customer number) and password. ACA members and previous customers will have an existing account in the association’s database. If you do not know your login info, use the 'need help signing in' option located on the sign-in page.  If you are not an ACA member and/or do not have an existing account, please create an account on the sign-in page.  Please Note: If you create a new account instead of logging into your existing account, your speaker/session submission history will not be available.
  2. The submission site allows you to cut and paste in plain text from Word, in areas requiring more detail.
  3. Please do not re-use or type over a previous submission, as you will lose your submission history. Also, a previous year's submission will not appear in the final 'Upcoming ACA National Conference Sessions for Review' report that is submitted to the program review team.
  4. The site provides a confirmation e-mail confirming our receipt of your submission. Submitters may go back into their session proposals up until the time the site closes on September 16, 2022. This is especially helpful to those who wish to update submissions to include new insights from Summer 2022. You may submit multiple sessions for consideration; however, we suggest no more than four submissions.
  5. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 1 hour of submission, we may not have received it.  Check your list of submissions under your speaker account to make sure it is listed.  If it is not listed under your account, we DID NOT receive it.  When in doubt, email mirvin@ACAcamps.org  to ensure the submission was completed successfully.


All submitters will receive email notification of the program team's decision regarding their proposal in late October 2022. 



Process and logistical questions may be addressed to the national conference manager, Melany Irvin, at mirvin@ACAcamps.org.

Questions specifically related to the program content may be directed to the national conference program team chair, Shanelle Lambert-Rauh, at shanelle.lambert@gmail.com

Interested in submitting an abstract for the research forum?

ACA reserves the right to make any and all adjustments to the program.