Board of Directors

ACA's Board of Directors Biographical Information

Executive Committee

Scott Brody, Chair (2022)

Anne Derber, Vice Chair (2022) 

Chicka Elloy, Treasurer (2020)

Tom Rosenberg, President/Chief Executive Officer (Nonvoting Member)  

Board Members

Brodrick Clarke (2021)

Ju’Riese Colon (2022)

Erin Reed Cooper, D. Ed.Min. (2020)

Brian Crater (2022)

Ed Doody (2020)

Aaron Dworkin (2022)

Dr. Lizabeth Fogel (2020)

Roberto Gil, Jr., Esq. (2022)

Sterling Nell Leija (2021)

Carl Metzger, Esq. (2023)

Mary Kay Park, Ph.D. (2022)

Scott Ralls (2021)

Mary Rogers (2022)

Elizabeth Sosnow (2022)

Beatrice Welters (2022)

Ex-Officio Voting Member

Jody Oates (2022)