ACA’s sample forms are, just that, samples. You may but are not required to use ACA forms to meet ACA standards. You may create your own forms. In coordination with your healthcare staff and legal counsel and in accordance with your state laws, you must decide what your camp needs to collect on its forms. 

Note: All ACA forms are copyrighted. It is illegal to photocopy them without permission. Photocopying is allowed for member/customer use only when you download from this site.

Access forms in the following ways:

  • Login here to download a master copy of the forms you need. Forms are free to ACA members and available to nonmembers for a price. 
  • Preprinted forms may be purchased in quantity from the ACA Bookstore. Available to both members and nonmembers.

Forms Include

  • Camper Health History Form
  • Camper Healthcare Recommendations by Licensed Medical Personnel Form 2
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Camp Health Record Card
  • Camp Health Record Form
  • Exemption from Immunization Requirements 
  • Health and Emergency Information for Adult Campers (this form is not appropriate for cognitively delayed adults) 
  • Health History Form for Camp Employee 
  • Health History Form for Short-term Campers (three nights or fewer) 
  • Medical Recommendation for Camp Employees 
  • Request for Additional Information about Your Child’s Asthma 

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