Learn about National Committees

ACA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, individuals who are charged with hiring the association’s chief executive and overseeing the business and affairs of the corporation.

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ACA is working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion to foster and tangibly support an increase in diversity, equity and inclusion within ACA and across the camp community.

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EAC members review current needs of camp professionals, help to develop the magazine's editorial direction, and conduct a review (with authors names removed) of feature-length manuscripts prior to publication. 

The NCOL as a body serves as an important communications, policy, and membership conduit between the ACA Board of Directors, local members, and executive staff. Members of the NCOL are a key source of information on strategies, policies, activities, and programs of ACA. As representatives of their constituencies, NCOL members are charged with bringing emerging issues, thoughts, concerns, and questions to NCOL meetings that contribute to the success of ACA’s mission.

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The overall purpose of the National Standards Commission is to develop, monitor, and implement an accreditation program for the ACA that achieves the ends of the organization, resulting in higher quality camp experiences and a greater understanding of and support for the value of the camp experience with both internal and external audiences. The standards of the American Camp Association Accreditation Program are an education tool focusing on health, safety and risk management.

The purpose of the committee is to advise and support the research function of the Association as it serves to develop and enhance knowledge generation and dissemination within ACA.

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The SRRC is an operational committee of ACA that is charged to provide volunteer leadership to the establishment and implementation of ACA’s ongoing staff recruitment and retention initiatives.

The Volunteer Engagement Committee is an operational committee of the American Camp Association, appointed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The purpose of this committee is to provide volunteer-to-volunteer support to volunteers across the local field and affiliate offices, under the leadership of the CEO.

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Learn about Local Volunteer Positions

The local office communications leader conveys internal and external messages for the local office. They draft and publish materials in coordination with Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) and American Camp Association (ACA) staff.

Committee Member Service Description

For resources specific to this position, please contact your regional director.

The Local Government Relations Chair provides leadership, support and information to the LCOL and membership related to public policy and government relations. They monitor legislative issues and regulation changes for their area and prepare calls to action as necessary. 

The Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) Chair provides overall leadership, vision, and guidance to LCOL and membership. Chair coordinates the efforts of the committee chairs to ensure that members receive services and assistance needed to provide a quality camping experience to their clientele.

LCOL Chair Service Description

The purpose of the member chair role is to support growth and retention of ACA members and customers in collaboration with the ACA membership manager, including developing and implementing strategies in alignment with ACA priorities and budgeting.

Membership Recruitment & Retention Leader Service Description

The professional development leader works with the regional ACA professional development manager to provide leadership, vision, guidance, and support to professional development efforts that result in quality professional development resources and opportunities at the local level.

PD Volunteers Service Descriptions 

The Standards Chair works in close partnership with the Standards Manager and directs the local Standards Committee to implement training, schedule visitors and visits, handle reviews, submit reports and maintain records, coordinate mentoring for camps, and assist with complaints involving standards.

Standards Chair – Service Description

ACA relies upon accreditation volunteers' commitments to participate in the visits to which they have agreed, and their communication and follow-through before, during, and after visits are completed. Visitors serve at two levels: associate visitor and visitor.

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