We hope you’ll join us in conceptualizing our work serving youth in a way that fosters inclusivity and growth and creates higher quality programs to deliver experiences that enrich campers’ lives no matter their background.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

We strive to improve all year, every year, by engaging in a continuous improvement cycle. This cycle is comprised of four steps: Prepare, Assess, Plan, and Improve. Think of this cycle as a power strip, the backbone of our work. A power strip allows for multiple different energy-supported elements to be plugged in. now, if we conceptualize the sustainable outcomes of our special projects as different elements to be plugged into the continuous improvement power strip, we can continuously improve the way we serve youth and the way we support camps in serving youth.

This approach to our special projects and research allows us to learn along the way and to be responsive to what we learn from the experiences of those who engage with us. It also situates ACA in a position to provide support sustainably and continuously for camps and professionals who want to plug into this work.