• Review Expectations and Values of Camp
  • Seek Recommendations from Friends
  • Consult Faith Communities, Community Centers
  • Attend Camp Fairs
  • Find ACA Local Offices
  • Find an ACA Camp



  • Get on Camp Mailing Lists
  • Seek Recommendations from Friends
  • Secure Application Deadlines
  • Review Camp Prospects with Your Child
  • Find an ACA Camp


  • Attend Camp Fairs
  • Apply to Camp
  • Read and Talk with Your Child to Prepare
  • Schedule Camp Physical for Spring
  • Arrange Travel to and from Camp
  • Inventory Gear and Make List for Spring Shopping

Express Lane to Camp

  1. Visit Camps via Telephone, Web, Video, and in Person
  2. Apply and Gear Up 
  3. Schedule Camp Physical 
  4. Talk and Read with Your Child about Camp 
  5. Arrange Travel to and from Camp