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Leading Voice for Youth Development

Advocate for quality camp experiences as a vital and enriching developmental experience

Strategic Outcomes

  • ACA will implement a comprehensive communications strategy so that all stakeholders have an increased understanding of the value of a camp experience and ACA’s role in supporting health, safety, wellbeing, and quality in camp programs
  • ACA will proactively foster and grow relationships and partnerships to extend ACA’s ability to advance our strategic goals
  • ACA will implement proactive public policy strategies through engagement and relationship building at the federal level. ACA will also provide resources and support to volunteers at the state and local levels


Expanding Reach, Relevance, and Equitable Access

Advance the reach and relevance of camp experiences by expanding equitable access to camp and developing culturally responsive practices that foster a strong sense of belonging at camp for people from all backgrounds.

Strategic Outcomes

  • ACA will implement strategies to identify, engage with, and build an understanding of the communities that are under-represented as campers and camp staff to develop strategies for increasing their participation
  • ACA will secure new funding that supports strategies to increase equitable access to camp experiences and to support increasing the number of people who have a camp experience each year
  • Working with trusted partners, ACA will develop strategies and resources to help camps increase the diversity of campers, staff, and professionals


Championing Quality

Advance and cultivate quality camp experiences through evidence-informed best practices, foundational accreditation standards, industry-leading evaluation tools, and exceptional professional development.

Strategic Outcomes

  • ACA will expand resources and programs that identify and address educational priorities of the field and address the critical issues facing camps
  • ACA will leverage research, evaluation, and evidence-informed best practices to develop educational programs, resources, and leading practices to empower camps to provide quality experiences for all
  • As a foundation for quality, ACA will ensure that accreditation and the accreditation process continue to provide relevant national standards related to health and safety at camp while expanding the number of camps participating in the program
  • ACA will continually grow membership


Accelerating Organizational Growth

Ensure the ability of ACA to grow and achieve its mission by improving organizational strength, capacity, and alignment.

Strategic Outcomes

  • ACA will increase member engagement and volunteerism and recruit new and diverse people to support the delivery of core programs
  • ACA will establish a strong culture of philanthropy across the organization and deepen relationships with partners, resulting in expanded individual, corporate, and grant funding
  • ACA will strengthen and deepen organizational effectiveness by increasing alignment, strengthening communication and collaboration, and clearly defining roles at the national, regional, and local levels

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